Want to Take Your Family to a Beach Resort?

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If you are planning a beach vacation for the whole family, then you will likely be looking for a resort that caters to a broad range of needs, including those of children.

Many such resorts are only too happy to accommodate kids, and some even offer programs and activities geared towards children of varying age groups.

To make the best of your beach family resort vacation, you may find the following tips helpful. Look for resorts that include a lot of extras in the price, such as:

  • A premium location directly on the beach, or complimentary shuttle to a nearby safe and clean beach
  • Sports and activities geared towards the age groups your kid/s fall in. Many resorts have full-blown kids’ clubs that keep your kids involved and having fun all day long.
  • Family activities, if desired
  • Pool areas and maybe even special water features such as rivers, fountains and waterslides
  • Babysitting, especially in the evenings if the two of you (adults) would like to enjoy an adults only dinner or two
  • Menus and restaurants that cater to kids’ tastes, such as hotdogs and ice cream (NOTE: Truly all-inclusive resorts will offer all meals and drinks as part of the price of your stay)
  • * Suites or other room configurations geared towards families, such as those including foldout or pull-out beds and easy access to activities
  • Safety: Check into the safety precautions and layout of the resort. Some destinations are far more kid-friendly than others.

One further note on the type of beach; depending on the age of your children, different types of beaches may be more appropriate. For instance, teenagers may want large waves and slightly rougher water for trying out surfing, sailing or windsurfing. For young children and toddlers, on the other hand, you will likely want to look for a quiet and calm beach, perhaps on the leeward side of an island or nestled in a bay.

Have a great time on your vacation, and don’t forget your sunscreen!

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by Shauna Arthurs

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