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Parc de la Villette in Paris, France | Photo by steve2542 on Photobucket

Paris is well known as the city of romance. The famous capital regularly plays host to hundreds of besotted couples who can be spotted walking hand in hand through the romantic Paris streets. The city is famed for its romantic settings, with beautiful buildings and breathtaking views, but there are a number of other attractions that see tourists flocking to the city each year. Looking beneath the surface of this romantic city reveals a multitude of activities that are suitable for all the family, so it’s not just loved up couples who can enjoy what Paris has to offer.

If you’re on the lookout for a great family holiday then Paris is the place to be. There are tons of attractions, activities and landmarks that the kids will love, and plenty of secluded spots where parents can sneak away to for a bit of Paris romance. One of the best activities for all the family has to be Disneyland Paris. This theme park is just a short ride outside Paris and can be accessed through regular buses and trains which stop by the theme park every few minutes. No matter what age your kids are there will be something in this lavish and exciting park to hold their attention. Rides range from subdued merry-go-rounds to exhilarating rollercoasters and there are plenty of shows and entertainment throughout the park so you can settle your stomach before hitting the rides again. Whatever thrills and spills your kids are after this resort caters to everyone and will be a memorable day out for the whole family.

If you want to stay in the heart of Paris then a trip to the Trocadero Aquarium is a must. This underwater paradise hosts more than 9000 tropical fish and an impressive 26 sharks all housed in four million litres of water. This multimedia experience is an educational hub as well as a popular tourist attraction so your children can learn about sea life while having tons of fun.

If dry land is more your thing, Paris offers up some beautiful parks where you can while away the hours playing and picnicking in the sun. If you’re looking to spend a day outside you could venture to the Parc de la Villette which offers activities and culture in abundance. The famous Science and Industry museum is situated at the top of this park and is the perfect way to entertain the kids for an afternoon.

Trocadero Aquarium in Paris, France

Trocadero Aquarium in Paris, France

Whatever the size and age of your family holidays to Paris offer a unique and exciting agenda for kids of all ages. Whether your young ones are fans of Disney or animals, or simply love being outdoors, there will always be something to excite and entertain them in the city of Paris.

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