Key West Parasailing – A Sightseeing Adventure

Key West Parsailing by Ariellie Calderonie

A lot of people love to go parasailing in Key West because it is a completely unique way to see the sights. Most visitors experience Key West zipping around on a scooter, or perhaps from a sunset cruise. Parasailing gets you a tern’s-eye view of the beaches, the marine life, and even the town. It’s bound to be one of the best parts of your entire holiday.

There are several beautiful sights in the area that are easily enjoyed from a parasail rig. One of the most common reasons why visitors pick Key West parasailing is because of the chance to see wildlife. Your perspective up in the sky allows you to see them, without bothering them while they’re traveling or looking for food. It’s not a rare thing to view marine mammals like dolphins from your seat up in the sky in your parasail rig. Don’t be surprised to also observe huge schools of tropical fish.

That’s not all you can see on your parasailing trip in the Florida Keys.. The waters off Key West are full of historic shipwrecks. The larger shipwrecks can frequently be observed from your parasail. There are also many small islands found throughout the area. These have gorgeous sandy beaches and tropical scenery that you’ll enjoy during your parasailing trip.

Sightseeing is fun, but the thrill of rising into the sky behind a speedboat is simply unmatched. There’s nothing like a parasail trip in Key West, making it one of the most popular things to do here. In moments you’ll be hundreds of feet in the sky. Imagine the sea breeze whip through your hair as you float above it all. Imagine floating 400 feet in the air, making eye contact with seagulls, terns and other marine birds.

You can parasail on your own, or with another a friend or two. It’s a great bonding experience and one you will never forget. Parasailing in Key West is totally safe, but still a lot of fun. Believe it or not, even small children can parasail and often they have even more fun than the grown-ups.

This is a great way to enjoy the same thrill as skydiving, sans the falling sensation…on a parasailing excursion, you safely stay up in the air long enough to really take it in. And many tour operators will take your picture while you’re up in the air so you have a keepsake to take home with you to recall your Key West adventure.



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