Key West Glass Bottom Boat Tours

Key West Glass Bottom Boat

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When you’re visiting the Florida Keys and need a novel boating tour experience, try Key West glass bottom boat tours. Usually, only scuba divers have the opportunity to look at the coral reef up close and personal, with its array of surprising marine and flora, but with a boat tour on one of these uniquely designed watercraft, you can experience wonderful views that previously only scuba divers may have been able to see. Gazing into the depths you can see tropical fish and plants, and a truly wonderful sight, the only living coral reef within the continental U.S., that many eco tourism fans have traveled to the Florida Keys to experience.

Key West glass bottom boat tours permit guests to look at over three hundred species of fish that are unique to the keys, and the colourful coral reef and wonderful seascape. Throughout the tour, the captain and crew can provide you with attention-grabbing facts about the marine life and eco-system. True to the name, the boat is built with special glass windows that permit you to look down at the coral reef while enjoying the gorgeous views of the Key West waters. Once you reach the coral reef, the boat can remain in place so guests have the ability to look at the reef and its huge variety of creatures from the boat.

When you reserve Key West glass bottom boat tours, you have the option of the boat tour, or a ship tour that has a snorkeling experience. If you haven’t been snorkeling before, this can be a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see some of the most fascinating and colorful ocean life in the world. You’ll not only see tropical fish, but you may be lucky enough to see sting rays, ocean-dwelling sea turtles, and even Key West’s famous wild bottlenose dolphins. Make it a point to bring a camera so you can photograph the wonderful creatures and the vibrant coral reef.

You may schedule your boat tour at any of three convenient times, making it easy for you can match it into your schedule of Key West sightseeing. Because it’s so educational and fun, a glass bottom boat tour can be a good trip for adults and youngsters. (For any kid in your party below the age of 5, the trip is free of charge, making it a great family-friendly outing.)

Key West glass bottom boats are catamarans that are designed with a twin hull, creating a great deal of stability for the passengers, which makes for a better experience when floating above the reef. This twin hull design prevents the boat from rocking much in rough waves, in contrast to boats with conventional designs. This makes for a safer, more comfortable trip.

The Key West glass bottom boat tour lasts for two hours. The boats are air-conditioned with giant windows to experience the beautiful sea and sky on your way out to and back from the coral reef. A sundeck, snack bar, and restrooms are aboard the boat. For your convenience, we suggest booking your Key West glass bottom boat online before your trip.

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