Key West Dolphin Watch Excursions: Watch the Dolphins Watch You!

Key West dolphin watching excursions

The dolphins off Key West enjoy watching you, too.

Key West dolphin tours are hugely popular, and are a “must-see” part of any Florida Keys vacation. People just seem to be drawn to these graceful creatures. Bottlenose dolphins are fascinating because of their beauty and intelligence. Though they’re wild, the bottlenose dolphins in the ocean around Key West are frequently curious and interested in the vessels and people sharing the water with them.

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Humans and Dolphins seem to have something special going on. There are many reports of wild dolphins coming to the rescue of swimmers in trouble. A few years ago four lifeguards, swimming off Ocean Beach, near Whangarei in New Zealand, were protected by a group of dolphins for forty minutes when they were approached by a great white shark. Dolphins have befriended fishermen in Mauritania, Africa and Brazil, where they herd schools of fish into the fishermens’ nets, and eat the fish that escape. Humans aren’t the only species who have been rescued by dolphins. A dolphin off Mahia Beach in New Zealand helped coax a mother pygmy sperm whale and her calf back out to sea after the pair beached themselves in 2008.

In Key West, local dolphin experts have put policies in place to help protect the areas dolphins from being harmed by the presence of the humans that are so interested in them. Considering that they have a lot of fans among the human visitors to Key West, there is a natural interest in these beautiful mammals. But it’s important to watch them from a safe distance (for you, and for the dolphins!)

Key West dolphin watch trips are created to grant you the best chance of observing dolphins up close, without stressing them. It’s particularly special for lots of folks whenever dolphins are observed in their unspoiled home in the sea. You’ll watch them catching fish, visiting and playing on their own and in substantial pods.

Your half-day Key West dolphin excursion will give you quite a bit of time to take joy in the behavior and beauty of the dolphins. The Key West dolphin tours are appropriate for all age groups. Anything you need is provided, such as snorkeling gear. The boat voyage is fashioned to be comfy, and there is a great deal to view on your ride. Water and pop are included at no additional cost. Snacks, too.

Don’t miss your chance to book an exciting Key West dolphin watch excursion. It’s no wonder that they’re one of the most popular things to do in the Florida Keys. If you’re planning a Florida trip, this eco-tour belongs on your itinerary.

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