Jakarta Fair – A Month of Shopping, Food and Music


Author: Pushpitha Wijesinghe

The Jakarta Fair is an annually held event that takes place in Kemorayan in the Indonesian capital. Featuring trade promotions, exhibitions, musical shows, food festivals, variety shows, shopping and even amusement rides, this popular fair is usually held between the months of June and July. The Jakarta International Expo building serves as the venue for this event which is held in celebration of the anniversary of the city. Exhibitors from all parts of the country participate, introducing a variety of goods ranging from locally made arts and crafts to specialty foods.

The fair has quite a long history and can trace its origins to the Dutch East Indies era. It was first held in Koningsplein, the region now known as Merdeka Square, and was called “Pasar Gambir”. The modern Jakarta Fair was first held in 1968 and was inaugurated by President Suharto. The idea of a fair was put forward a year earlier by Governor Ali Sadikin and was directly inspired by the “Pasar Gambir”. It has since become an annual event and one of the most looked forward to celebrations on the calendar. The fest typically lasts between thirty to thirty five days, although there have been exceptions, most notably the Jakarta Fair of 1969 which lasted seventy one days and was visited by American President, Richard Nixon.

It attracts millions of visitors each year and has even inspired similar events in other countries. Tourists visiting the capital between the months of June and July should consider dropping by. Live entertainment is a significant aspect of the fair, and one can witness many musical, dance and cultural shows. So in addition to being able to purchase high quality locally made goods, one can also gain familiarity with traditional Indonesian performance arts.

Jakarta offers a variety of options for tourists who are born to shop.

Jakarta offers a variety of options for tourists who are born to shop.

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