Ecuador: A Great Destination for Cheap Travelers

You can see amazing wildlife in Ecuador, one of my favorite cheap travel destinations.

What is the real secret to cheap international travel? it’s the same as the secret to doing anything for less. Learn to be an opportunist. Opportunistic travelers get to travel more, see more and do more. Of course, you can ignore this advice if you have money to burn!

Honestly, are not there plenty of interesting places in this world? Why not choose eight you can travel to inexpensively? The other places will be there in the future, and you may have an opportunity to go to those places cheaply at some point.

I chose to go to Ecuador. Why Ecuador? Because it was cheap, I had never been there before, and you can still get a decent meal for $8.00 (US). And you don’t have to worry about converting currentcy because U.S. Dollars are the official currency of Ecuador now. How easy is that?

That’s why Ecuador is now my favorite international location. From the soaring, snow-capped Andes mountains, to the eco-tourism-favorite Galapagos Islands, you’ll seldom run out of places to explore in Ecuador. Travel there is safe and inexpensive. And the people of Ecuador are incredibly kind and friendly.

In general, South America in general is a cheap place to travel, and the most affordable countries are, in my opinion, the most beautiful. These are the countries along the Andes mountains; Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia. Argentina, thanks to it’s recent economic troubles, is once again a cheap place for travelers as well.

In Central America, it costs  little to travel and holiday in both Nicaragua and Guatemala. Nicaragua, in particular, has become more stable and safe for travelers in recent years. Costa Rica is a wonderful , and though it’s eight of more expensive counties of Central America, that probably still leaves it cheaper than Europe.



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