Destination Weddings: 3 North American Options

Costa Rica is the home of beautiful resorts, making it a popular venue for destination weddings.

Brides and Grooms have many options when planning their weddings. There are many great options, that are becoming increasingly popular – Costa Rica, Cabo, or even Las Vegas. There are many great costa rica honeymoon destinations, such as the Red Palm Villas Resort. If you wish, you can visit a place like Las Vegas, where there are many las vegas hotels, on the strip, that provide a great wedding destination. Trying to organize an overseas wedding can seem costly, however with the assistance of a qualified wedding coordinator who specializes in romantic wedding destinations all over the globe it can be very simple.

If you enjoy the beach, then visiting Costa Rica, or Cabo, is the pick for you. Costa Rica resorts, particularly those in Santa Teresa Costa Rica, are famous for being right on the beach. Although, they are slightly more expensive, they are definitely better. This is especially true, if you’re trying to avoid large crowded areas, found in places like Las Vegas. In contrast, if you’re looking for highly urbanized, and dense areas, then Las Vegas is the place for you. There are many great Las Vegas hotels on the strip, which offer great deals, and vacation packages, including honeymoon packages.

The one thing you’ll need, though, regardless of where you go on vacation, is a wedding planner/coordinator. This is the essential ingredient in any successful wedding, if you plan on going to Cabo, Vegas, or Costa Rica. Most planners have connections with photographers, local venues, florists, and other necessary things you might need on your vacation, or honeymoon. On average, you can find a wedding planner in the city you are going to for your wedding. In cities like Cabo and Vegas, this is especially true, since they are “wedding,” capitals.



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