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Destination Weddings: 3 North American Options

Costa Rica is the home of beautiful resorts, making it a popular venue for destination weddings.

Brides and Grooms have many options when planning their weddings. There are many great options, that are becoming increasingly popular – Costa Rica, Cabo, or even Las Vegas. There are many great costa rica honeymoon destinations, such as the Red

Make The Most Of Your Universal Studios Tour

Universal Studios Hollywood - Amity Island Beach Closed Billboard

If you will be visiting Universal Studios, you need to be prepared. Arriving at the park unprepared can literally ruin your vacation! Follow these tips to help you get the most out of your Universal Studios Tour adventure. It will

10 Reasons to visit Del Mar

10 Reasons to visit Del Mar Ideally situated 20 minutes north of downtown San Diego, the quaint seaside village of Del Mar known for its beautiful beaches and famous Del Mar Racetrack, offers a variety of new reasons for a

Tours in Key West, Florida for Florida Vacations

Tours in Key West, Florida are a great way to keep organized during a trip in which you can easily lose yourself, and you will. After all, The Key is all about unbridled fun! Florida tours and attractions are the

A Few Things To Do In Austin, Texas

Mural in Austin, Texas. Photo by fgozalo on Photobucket

1. Watch the Sunset at the Oasis The Oasis is an Austin institution, but one with a recent history of misfortune. The Oasis is known for its beautiful views of Lake Travis. It sits high on a bluff overlooking the

Key West Parasailing – A Sightseeing Adventure

Key West Parsailing by Ariellie Calderonie

A lot of people love to go parasailing in Key West because it is a completely unique way to see the sights. Most visitors experience Key West zipping around on a scooter, or perhaps from a sunset cruise. Parasailing gets

Key West: Snorkel and Dive Paradise

Snorkeling and diving excursions are one of the most popular things to do in Key West, Florida. Photo by cdthatbme on Photobucket.

How popular is Key West snorkeling? Conchs and visitors spend upwards of $150 million a year at reef-related businesses, supporting thousands of local jobs. Surrounded by warm, shallow tropical waters on all sides, it’s no surprise that the Florida Keys