Barcelona Festivals & Events

Barcelona is a huge city with several districts that are perfect for sightseeing. Enjoy a wide range of restaurants, nightlife and accommodations for any budget. And there are festivals year-round that are a huge part of life for residents of Barcelona.

Hanging out at a festival with local residents is a great way to get to know them and their city. You may see a side of Barcelona that most tourists miss.

There are about a dozen national Public Holidays that are recognized in Barcelona. Here are the holidays for 2012 so you can start your planning early!

  • 1st January – Ano Nuevo / New Year’s Day
  • 5th January – Epifanía / Epiphany
  • 19th March – Dia de San José / St. Joseph’s Day
  • Late March or early April – Jueves Santo / Maundy Thursday
  • Late March or early April – Viernes Santo / Good Friday
  • 1st May – Fiesta del Trabajo / Labour Day
  • 15th August – La Asunción / Feast of the Assumption
  • 12th October – Nacional de España / National Day
  • 1st November – Todos los Santos / All Saints’ Day
  • 6th December – Dia de la Constitución / Constitution Day
  • 8th December – La Inmaculada Concepción / Feast of the Immaculate Conception
  • 25th December – Navidad / Christmas Day

Barcelona is Spain’s second largest and the capital of Catalonia, one of the 17 regions that form Spain. The city, Spain’s second largest, has a wealth of unique historic architecture and has emerged as one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe during the 1990s.

When to visit:

August is probably the busiest time in Barcelona; at the same time about 10% of shops and restaurants can be found closed from mid-August to early September: owners go to vacations. As humidity is high, 19-23 degrees Celsius (not higher) is the most comfortable weather.

Barcelona Festivals and events

* Sonar – 14-16 of June. The International Festival of Advanced Music and Multimedia is the destination for anyone interested in electronic music, urban contemporary art and the world of multimedia.

Festa Major de Gracia – around the 15th of August, the celebrations from the Gracia quarter. Many streets are decorated by the neighbours. You can look forward to live music, food in the street. Expect to party all night long.

Les Festes de la Mercé Around the 24th of September, the main celebrations in the city. Live music during all the day and night, theatre, life in the streets, castellers, and most of it for free!

* Sant Jordi – 23rd of April. Is celebrated like Valentine’s Day in Catalonia.

* Fira de Santa Lucia – From December 2nd/3rd to December 23rd, to commemorate Santa Lucia (December 13th).



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